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Track individual link analytics, measure their performance and optimize every touchpoint with our system. All in real-time.


Consistency is what makes a good brand great. Create custom links that carry your branding across every device and channel.


Get more visitors from the web. We create the SEO of each of your links and insert in our Search Engine for Exclusive Content.

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Real Time Analytics

Free yourself from spreadsheets and silos by building an intuitive dashboard for the links you already use. AdShrink tracks your customer's experience on every link and every channel, making it easier than ever to drill down into campaigns or channels from a macro and micro level.

Know your audience. Analyse in detail what brings you the most income and what strategies you should adopt.


Monetize your Content

Create exclusive content that only your Premium users can access. We give the possibility to every user to support you with monthly subscription, through our Premium system.

Whenever a user, even outside of your traffic, finds your monetized content on our Search Engine, they can decide to become your Premium user and unlock the content.



Our platform provides several tools to help you shorten your links in an easier way. Tools like Easy Link or Multishrink will allow you to shorten multiple links at the same time with just one click. Planning on bringing traffic from your website? Implement our small scripts to speed your work.

Download our Chrome and Safari extension, and start shortening your links at any time, you don’t even need to login to Adshrink to use this.


Ticket System

If you have an account, in your Dashboard you'll find the Ticket System section. You can create tickets for any questions or problems. We work 7x24 to help our users. 

Contact us at any time about anything. We make customer service a priority, you will get response within 12 hours.


Referral Program

Spread the word about Adshrink.it and earn 20% of your referrals’ revenue. If you have a website, our platform provides banners to obtain subscribers.

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