Customer Support

Everyone can register an account, however if you are using the same computer or the same internet connection, you cannot be referred by each other.

You may click on your own links once to test them but you are not credited for those views. You cannot click on your own links to generate money.

No, the visitor must click on your link because they wish to go to the destination website. You may not offer any incentives to your visitors to click on your links.

The links will always work for the visitor, however you will get paid for the first 3 clicks from one visitor every day. The amount depends on the quality of your traffic and on how many adverts are available.

There are many variables on this point. If you have any doubts we recommend you to contact our technical support before creating an account.

All visits via VPN are counted. We understand the problem that in some countries it is necessary to use a VPN. However, if your traffic has more than 20% of traffic from VPN software, or we notice that views are generated through BOTs, your account could be banned.

There can be many reasons why your account has been banned. We suggest that you read our Terms before creating an account. For any doubts please contact our Support Team.


According to our terms for Publishers, your payment will be automatically processed every month, in the first seven days, when you achieve 10$. Make sure that your payment details are correct to avoid delays in payment.  We pay our users in every country in the world.

  • PayPal – Max Payout 50$
  • Wire Transfer – No limits
  • Bitcoin – No limits (min 20$)
  • USDT – No limits (min 20$)
  • Payooner – No limits

Visits are credited depending on how well the advertisers are willing to pay for that particular country. If you can get more than 10.000 daily visits to your links, get in touch with our support and we will be able to increase your CPMs even more.


The Easy Link Tool lets you create a paying link on the go without the need of logging into your account. Just copy the Easy Link before the original link to monetize it.

Once placed on your website, the Website Script will transform your website links into ones. This relieves you of the work required to update each link that you wish to monetize. Copy the code and paste it before the </body> section of your HTML code and you are set. We can customise it as you prefer, if you need to convert only some kind of links, open a ticket into your dashboard, and we will create a script only for your case.

This is definitely our best tool. Our Browser Extension (Auto-Shrinker) is currently available for Google Chrome.

Download our browser extension to shorten your links in every moment with just one click. You also can choose the Advertising Type directly from the extension, and there are many other excellent features.

AdShrink was born with the aim of innovating the world of online advertising and we made it.