Why my account has been banned?

There can be many reasons why your account has been banned. We suggest that you read our Terms before creating an account. For any doubts please contact our Support Team.

Views from VPNs are counted?

All visits via VPN are counted. We understand the problem that in some countries it is necessary to use a VPN. However, if your traffic has more than 20% of traffic from VPN software, or we notice that views are

All content and websites are accepted on AdShrink?

There are many variables on this point. If you have any doubts we recommend you to contact our technical support before creating an account.

How many clicks are counted from every unique visitor?

The links will always work for the visitor, however you will get paid for the first 3 clicks from one visitor every day. The amount depends on the quality of your traffic and on how many adverts are available.

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