After all, everybody hates ads … unless you’re a marketer or have an online business. In which case you need them to make a living.

Last year, adblocking grew by 41% globally and there are now over 198 million active users using adblockers all around the world. Wow!

So what can you do when most of your visitors or blog readers indeed use some form of an adblocker? Here’s a handful of anti adblock WordPress plugins that can help:

Some of these plugins haven’t been updated in a while. Plus, ad blocking is a tough topic to master, and not all of these plugins will work for you in every situation. It’s best to treat this as a list of options to try out and pick the one that works best for your site.

1. Ad Blocker Notify


It’s an easy to use solution to reason with your audience and try convincing them politely to consider disabling adblocking when going through your site.

Here’s how it works:

Through its inner “magic,” the plugin detects if the visitor uses any sort of adblocker. If they are, you get the opportunity to display a targeted message to them.

You have full control over that message and can customize it freely.

You can tweak the popups the way you want by choosing multiple templates, animations, effects, colors, catchy titles etc. If you want to send a popup at a specific time during your clients’ visit, Ad Blocker Notify lets you do that too (you decide when it’s the right moment for it to show up). Also, you can write custom CSS in order to make the messages more convincing. Powerful visuals always catch visitors’ attention better.

By the way, you don’t have to worry that the plugin itself will be blocked by adblockers. It comes with a couple of mechanisms that prevent that from happening.

As an added bonus, you can track Ad Blocker Notify’s performance through the plugin’s statistics regarding the impact that adblockers are having on your site.


2. AdBlock X


In a sentence, this anti adblock WordPress plugin plays the role of Google Analytics, but for adblockers. It brings you a complex dashboard with lots of stats, numbers, and percentages about adblockers’ impact on your site.

Unique visitors, visitors with adblockers, page views with an adblocker enabled, how many times the blocker was disabled at your request … those are just a handful of the insights that AdBlock X gives you.

The interface is very friendly and it also offers visuals, such as grids and charts.

This plugin lets you create custom messages, through which you can ask people to whitelist your site. You can also choose the way you want the messages to be displayed.

3. Ad Blocking Detector


This anti adblock WordPress plugin has a very original approach toward adblocking. It gives you some shortcodes that you can use to communicate with those of your visitors who use adblockers.

For instance, you can show them a custom message instead of the original article. This effectively means that your visitors will be able to see your content only if they disable their adblocking tools.

This plugin can be used as a widget too. Just go to Appearance / Widgets, drag the “Ad Blocking Detector” widget to any Widget Area, select one of the available shortcodes, and click “Save.”

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