The Premium version of AdShrink is one of our latest tools. In this article we will go to see what are the advantages of becoming a Premium User, and above all what are all the steps to become a Premium Member.

What is the Premium version?

The premium version was created to support our users and give all subscribers a better browsing experience. Normally, all platforms have their own Premium version, but without any advantage over their users. We have decided to contribute to the development of the work of each of our users, in fact by becoming a premium user, you will go to support your Content Creator, who works every day to provide the best service for you, for free!

This is just the beginning!

By becoming a Premium user, you will not only support your Content Creator, but you will be able to access all its links without waiting for the seconds to wait, and without seeing advertisements, but you will be directed directly to the original link.

With the Hero plan you can also access all its exclusive contents!


Tutorial: 2 Steps to become a Premium User

To become a Premium User is very simple. All you need is a Google account. But be careful! You must always register with your main google account, in this way, every time you open one of our links, you will be directed directly to the original link, without logging in every time.

In the link below there is the tutorial, multilingual, where all the steps that must be followed are explained in detail.

What are you waiting for? Get Premium, get all the benefits of AdShrink and most of all support your Content Creator.



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