As you saw in the title, now you can earn money with AdShrink without even having a community. Also you can automatically increase earnings with just a few steps. In this article we will explain how it works and also our best practices. Stay tuned.


The advantage of AdShrink Search-Engine


AdShrink is developing a search-engine. Now customers are able to search for the content they wanna have.

But that is not only a great thing for customers. Especially it is awesome for creators. As a lot of people who are signed-up to AdShrink (also affiliates from Youtube) just do not have a community and they couldn’t reach people in the past.

The search engine is changing the game and offers a new way to generate income for every content creator. No matter, if you are sharing code, music, scripts, wallpapers, beats or any other downloads. You only have to have the copyright for the content you share

6 Steps to earn without a community or increase your existing earnings


1. Find the right piece of content to share

Often people tend to link webpages, which you can easily find on google with the first search. Ensure you gonna link to content that is not indexed in google or only accessible through a lot of difficult steps.

The best thing is, if you create content yourself and share this content exclusively on AdShrink. If people search for that kind of content, you will definitely generate income.

Basically it is key to share content with a high demand, which is not easily accessible and where is not a too high competition on AdShrink search. So just check the results appearing for the search-term of your choice.


2. Create a AdShrink Creator Account

Signup easily with email and password to AdShrink. You can directly start sharing links and generate income. You do not need to enter full personal information until you wanna make a withdrawal to your bank account.


3. Create a Link

We assume you already uploaded the content you wanna share to any file provider of your choice. Also if you just share a webpage, this page needs to be accessible. Now start the Link-Creation process.

At one step you are asked for the SEO-Description. This is the key to success:


4. The SEO-Description

We have a detailed article about the SEO-Description here if you are interested. Anyway, we will tell you the most important things now:

The title should include the main keyword and also should be written attractively
The description should be written in full sentences, should include synonyms of the main keyword and can have up to 240 characters
The Video gives a little additional ranking boost
Ensure all information fit your content!


5.Set some advertisement options

Set the advertisement options you like to have. Here you can see an overview of all advertisement methods and their advantages.


6. Share your Link where you think its worth

If you already have a community, it will be a ranking boost to share your link with the community. Wherever you like.

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