The internet gives everyone the opportunity to make their own “social climb”: it is a tool where – often free – any information that, if well applied and combined with perseverance and passion, allows any user to obtain their own social revenge, whether it is represented by the construction of a new job, by visibility, by fame and success, by earnings.

Everything appears as simple, quick, immediate. Nothing more false. All the results listed above are available to a few deserving, tenacious and lucky users.

It is a demerit that arises from the deliberately ambiguous and easy communications of many users, who for personal gain suggest that everything is possible on the internet, just wanting to.

It is not quite so: the most immediate reference is related to earning through the internet, one of the most sought after aspects online. Anyone who wants to make the most of the web.

Some time ago anyone who worked could count almost only on their main job to compose a salary, possibly supplementing it with jobs outside the primary job, but the day was still 24 hours. Even today it is possible, but the problem of time available (and energy!) Remains.

The web, however, almost serves as a “time machine”, because it provides some mechanisms to earn something (or reinvent oneself completely), in a short time and from home, without the need for travel, special skills or investments.

There are jobs on the web that are easy, others fairly easy and others certainly difficult. Today we want to talk about the simpler ones, which can be done by anyone, without special skills or without requiring who knows how long. All you need is at least one smartphone with internet connection.

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The Micro Works

Some sites where you can experiment with micro-jobs are, for example, Amazon Mechanical Turk whose registration, however, is subject to judgment of Amazon and it is practically impossible in some countries.

It is therefore advisable to turn your attention to sites such as:

  •, Whose tasks to be performed are certainly more complex and articulated, but which can be paid quite well (from 10/15 euros upwards)
  • Castingwords: performs transcription and text creation services. You can write? Good. After signing up for free, you can choose the transcription jobs to do; due to the nature of the work, perhaps better to use it from a PC (with a keyboard you go faster, compared to a smartphone).
  • Clickworker: on Clickworker you answer surveys, translate texts, create descriptions (perhaps images or products), do online searches, carry out app tests, etc …
  • Microworkers: Similar to the previous one, you will have to do transcripts of phone calls, surveys, image categorization and other similar tasks.

These are just a few examples. Try and you will understand if this is your way to online micro-income.

Surveys to make money online

One of the most popular ways to earn something easily is represented by online surveys. Surveys are simple and within everyone’s reach, and there are numerous sites in Italian that offer this possibility: Toluna,  Surveyeah, Google Rewards… there are many.

What do you need to do to make money with surveys?

Register on the survey site, leaving your details: who you are, where you live, who you live with, how old are you, what are your preferences and habits in terms of purchases, your interests, often also how much you earn and what work you do.

Wait for the surveys to arrive by email or via notification via the App. You will not have to complain if you receive fewer surveys than your friends, it can happen: the fact is that the survey sites are hired by various brands and companies to do market research . But market research is carried out on specific population samples, with certain socio-demographic characteristics.

Answer the surveys and reach the “payout” to redeem payments: after each survey you complete, you will receive credits or a certain amount of money. But you will be able to really receive this money or the promised discount coupons only upon reaching a predetermined “payout”, ie upon reaching a threshold (typically 10/25 or 50 euros). So you will need to take more than one survey to start receiving your payouts.

As you can see, it’s all very simple. Just start and experiment to find your favorite way to make money online – good luck!


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