Also called monetization in the world of web masters, making money with or without a site can take many forms.

Obviously this takes work, contrary to what many sites may try to have you believe. The advantage, however, is the concept of “passive income”. Passive income is the income that you regularly get for a finished job done a few months ago and reap the rewards of your labor over several years.

So let’s be clear, work is essential and hours devoted to it can vary greatly.

A web entrepreneur can:

  • Work from anywhere (with internet connection)
    Organize his hours, to enjoy his free time
  • Treat different issues (no stocks, digital products or services …)
  • Creating a website to earn money is the method you are all familiar with, but this is just one system out of a myriad of ways. You will discover the different techniques to be prepared to “earn” money on the Internet.
A very google article about Lucrative Ways to Monetize a Blog is this:
How to generate income online:

Earn Money To Make Money: While this may be your primary motivation, it won’t be enough. We will have to create interesting pages to attract Internet users. So we have to read up on a topic, a passion and help users search for information. The creation of a purely advertising page will not be very productive. How do you react when you come across such a page?

Earn money by selling products, if you are selling products, make sure that they are useful and that they match the users you have managed to attract to your site. Use any means at your disposal. Video, description, photos, user comments. Think of offering something in exchange for the name and e-mail address in order to form a customer database that you can contact.

Using Online Stores: You will see below that some ecommerce stores offer White Label stores that you can easily integrate into your site or otherwise dropship products.

Another method is to do an online job from home. You will easily find these platforms offer Jobs Online. I give you some

Elance: programmers, copywriters, designers, marketing
Freelancer: design, business, marketing, writing, data entry, accounting, legal
99designs: logo design, website, ebook, business card, application, flag!

How to monetize a website:

If you have a website, there are several ways to make money.
It all depends on what topic your website is about.

  • Sell products. Enter items that can explain or review certain products and then sell that product or related products, for example through Amazon affiliation.
  • Monetize your site through advertising. Surely the best tool to date is AdSense, a tool offered by Google. There are several banners, which are very simple to place on your website. Google offers a CPA tool that pays for each click on the banners, otherwise you can use other CPM platforms, which will give you other advertising formats such as pop-ads that will allow you to earn based on the impressions received, regardless of clicks.
  • Monetize your links. This is one of the most requested types of monetization, being the only one that allows you to monetize your website without ruining the graphics, which happens using any other monetization tool. In this case, every time your users click on your links, they will be directed to a brokerage page, where there will be advertisements, and then be redirected to the final link. By doing so, you will earn with every click on your links. To date, the best platform in the world is certainly, the only one that allows you to have very high earnings with very few advertisements.
  • Earn money with subscriptions. In this case you have to sell a certain service, which allows your users to activate a monthly subscription, thus also earning a small amount each month. If used well, it is a very powerful tool. It is very simple to reach 1000 subscribers, it would be enough for you to receive even $ 2 a month from each of them to reach good sums.

Your site works and you have statistics, you can earn a lot more money by looking for a partnership. Suggest that a company, related to your web content, place an ad on your site for a fixed monthly amount.

Affiliations: Selling other people’s products !!! Earn money by offering your visitors products that don’t belong to you. This is called affiliation. You register on the website of a company that sells products online. You get an affiliate identifier (ID) and scripts that allow you to redirect visitors to their site, or to integrate a store into your site.

For example Amazon allows affiliates to earn commissions from selling products on the site.


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